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Thermal Printer



The most compact kiosk printer: only 116x143x76 mm

Flexible: roll holder separate from the printer body, with ergonomic system for paper loading from the right or left side, suitable for all types of kiosks

Connectors available on the left side (standard) or back side (optional)

Anti-jamming system with printer clean command and jam removal

Automatic ticket Presenter

Retracting function without ticket presentation

Hot swap function: the printer can be removed from the kiosk without powering it off

Special VeriNotch and TopNotch sensors (optional)

Print head with auto-diagnostic function: it is possible to get the number of non-working dots

Label management: transparent alignment exploiting the mobile notch sensor and the paper sensor

Self-service kiosks

Banking machines and cash dispensers

Gaming machines

Parking payment terminals

Vending machines

Queue management systems


SOFTWARE PrinterSet : to update logos, edit characters, set operating parameters and update the printer firmware. It allows you to create a file including the different SW customizations and send them to the printer via the interface provided, for easy and fast setting.

DLL Status Monitor

Auto-installing driver for XP/Vista/7 (+64bit support) /8 ; Linux Drivers

Supports "monospace" True Font characters Font: all languages available on-board

Virtual comm: the system detects the USB port as a serial port

CUSTOM operating system



Serial+USB 24V side connector

Serial+USB 24V rear connector

ETH+USB 24V side connector


Printer with digital journal:

The printer allows you to save the data received in the Flash Memory in text or image format. The data can be easily read using a USB storage device.


Shutter for outdoor use:

Allows you to reduce on-site technical service costs, since it strongly increases the life of internal components

It prevents any accidental introduction of objects into the printer bezel

No software update required

Easy to install, even on site (retrofit)

Operating conditions:

Minimum paper weight: 60gr/mq with 85% humidity (non-condensate)

Operating temperatures: -20 +70°C ±10%

TOP-NOTCH sensor: reads notches or black marks on the upper thermal side, both in the left and right angles

Jumbo roll holder kit with near paper end sensor


Printing Method Thermal with fixed head        

Number of dots 8 dots/mm        

Resolution 203 DPI  / enhanced printing quality        

Printing (mm/sec) High speed > 250 mm/sec        

Character set PC437, PC850, PC860, PC863, PC865, PC858        

Printing Format Normal, height and width from 1x to 8x, reverse, underlined, italic, bold        

Printing Direction Straight, 90°, 180°, 270°        

Paper width from 50 to 82.5 mm        

Paper weight from 60 to 110 g/m2        

Roll Dimension Up to 250 mm with optional roll holder        

Emulation CUSTOM/POS        

Interfaces RS232 + USB        

Data Buffer 16 KB text / 1MB graphics        

Flash Memory 5 MB (of which 1MB available to the user)        

Drivers Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64 bit)

Linux (C.U.P.S.) 32/64 bit

Android, iOS

OPOS, OPOS.Net, JavaPOS        

Software Tools CustomPowerTool; PrinterSet

Status Monitor DLL & Full Windows Status Monitor        

Power supply 24 Vdc±10%        

Medium consumption 1A    (12,5% dots turned on)        

MTBF 450,000 hours (electronic board)        

Head Life 200Km / 100 Ml pulses        

MCBF 1,000,000 cuts        

Operating temperature -20°C + 70°C        

Dimensions 143.5 (L) x 76.4 (H) x 116 (W) mm        

Weight 0.8 Kg

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